Barnes TSX vs TTSX

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  • Theodgeman

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    Nov 21, 2013
    Hello everyone new here to the forum. I wanted the see who has used the TSX and TTSX and what is the difference between the two? I have heard some say that the tipped TTSX is suppose to help it open up and better accuracy for long range shooting. I loaded some 45 gr TSX for my 22.250 and put some holes in some phone books today at 100 yards. I was more then happy when I dug out the bullet and it weighed 44 gr. I plan on loading some 55 gr for pigs and maybe loading some 140 gr for my 7mm Mag. Just wanted to see what yall think.


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    Jun 24, 2012
    Tipped makes for a higher BC so it has more accuracy potential. The non tipped helps for mag fed guns where overall cartridge length is an issue. That's why most AR barnes loads are TSX and bolt gun loads have the TTSX. Either do a fine job, biggest issue Ive had with them on game is when they hit they tend to wander once inside. Had a TTSX in a 270 where I shot a pretty good size whitetail buck right behind the shoulder, text book shot but it took off and went right through his guts. Not my idea of fun. My dad shot one with his 300WSM quartering away, again right behind the shoulder and the exit wound somehow came out directly across from the entrance on the far side and pulverized the shoulder.

    They do retain weight well but Ive since switched to hornady SSTs and have been very happy with them and theyre half the cost. My home defense 223 load is 50gr TSXss though. All depends on your intended use.


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    Nov 21, 2013
    I like to hear that they may wander once inside seeing how I will be using them in my 22.250 for pigs. I loaded some TSXss for my 7 Mag to try out and also ordered 100 TTSX for my Socom.


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    Dec 1, 2013
    Dallas, TX
    I've used both TSX and TTSX bullets. They are both accurate bullets. The TTSX, tipped bullets have a somewhat better B.C. I recently tried the 53 grain TSX bullets in my 22BR and the accuracy was okay, not spectacular. I loaded them .050" off the lans of the bore. So far, I have gotten superb accuracy with the .284", .308", and .338" bullets. I will try another powder for the 22BR 53 grain TSX bullets soon and will let you know how they shoot. I suspect that you are a sharpshooter if you are going to use them on wild pig, hogs. The Barnes bullets will most likely go through the shoulder plate of the male hog but I would suggest a larger caliber. Bullet placement will be most important if you are going to use the .224" bullets. Behind the ear is an excellent place to hit with a .224" caliber bullet. Most of the hogs I have seen dispatched were mistakenly shot in the guts, which is okay unless you are going to eat the pig. The physiology of a pig is different from a deer; between the head and the front shoulder is the place you should aim for. My opinion, of course. Good Luck!



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