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Nov 7, 2015

So, lesbian products (once known as children) are being recruited into the Army as victim/heroes?

What a fked up message.

This is as bad as the c.i.a. recruitment video I saw a couple of days ago, exhibiting a woman with generalized anxiety and 'imposter syndrome' as the face of the new c.i.a.

Love us - recruit us - we're victims of an oppressive patriarchal hierarchy that is fading into the sunset...(the Army recruit should've been black, those racist bastards - the c.i.a. recruit was at least hispanic)


The U.S. has gone completely down the crapper when presumed 'victims' are now being embraced as heroes, but lest you forget, you will be constantly reminded, they're all VICTIMS, VICTIMS, VICTIMS and all you 'normals' with your cisgender normal standards and your nuclear families can get lost!!
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