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May 4, 2017
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Depending on age ... miltary as gunners mate could be an option. Youd definitely learn a lot about all kinds of arms. In the Navy our gunners mates ran the 5" guns.


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Jul 23, 2011
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American Gunsmithing Institute, AGI is an option for folks who are mechanically inclined to learn at home at their own pace. They have options from simple armorer courses all the way up to master gunsmith and turn key buisness. Their training is much more in depth than most other do it at home thru the mail type options. Check out their site and get samples of their courses. It can be simple or as complex as you wish.

Their training includes welding and machining and all the tools including mills and lathes. I dont know what the quality of the tools they provide are but it's a one stop deal. It's not exactly cheap for the top master smith program but you can take bites of it as you go.

You still need experience. Theres alot of stuff most folks know how to do but would never attempt as good end products are as much talent and art as process know how. Still you have to have the knowledge as a foundation.

Some of the community college based courses are eligible for financial aid but I think AGI is only eligible for GI Bill or Disabled Vet retraining aid.


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Sep 30, 2012
Have had the gun shop 14 years this May......I am not a gunsmith, never ever claim to be. I will do some small things that I do extremely well. Folks come in and say are you the gunsmith? I say no, I'm not. I do some work and it depends on what it is and what needs to be done to it. I pass on most work. Even mounting a scope can be precarious......

Someone brings in an older Winchester or Remington and want a new 1 piece rail instead of the two piece mounts on already on it.....break off a screw or strip a hole......major headache. People want old shotguns and 22's are long gone for them....pass......

I know of a couple of shops who do good work that I refer them to, and there will be a least a 6 month wait because those folks are in demand and they charge accordingly......

More than once I've agreed to tackle something that the old saying....a good deed never goes unpunished......rings true.....

Had a gentleman move into town that retired from a large gun shop in Houston and was their main gunsmith for 40 years. Knew what he was doing and we were damn lucky to have him in the we have no real true gunsmiths around here.....passed away 6 months later......

A real gunsmith is in demand and can make some serious money.......lathe and mill skills are a must.....

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Oct 14, 2009
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+1 on Murray State College - a buddy and I took one of the Summer Session courses there and it was well done - plenty of hands-on, and an excellent instructor that really knew his stuff. LOL, now, finding ANYTHING to do or anyplace to eat in Tisomingo, well, that's a challenge!


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Dec 15, 2019
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Pretty much feast or famine, being a gunsmith. Sometimes you won't have enough work for one person, and other times, you'll be stepping and fetching and wished you had a dozen other people working for you.

True gunsmiths are dying off and not many are taking their places. Too many disposable guns that the owners can work or tinker on themselves. It's I fear, becoming a dying profession in many ways. And not too many people have the resolve to make the commitment to become a true gunsmith.
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