Benchmade Mini Reflex picked up at ATS in Sachse

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  • Ny700

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    Mar 21, 2014
    So I just got my first auto and also my first Benchmade. Up to now my higher end folders have consisted of Spyderco and ZT. There are so many differences here not sure I can draw much comparisons between what I own of the other and this one. I why did I get it, well I was looking for a fairly mall rather light EDC blade for summer. I. The supper I'll wear light weight nylon hiking pants or light shorts and knives I. The 5-6oz range clipped to the pocket tend to make it say and I find it annoying.
    I have found this Benchmade to be a nice addition and it seems to fill this role well. So why an auto well just moved to Texas and now I can have one. Is that enough of a reason ? I think so.
    The knife is typical Benchmade 154cm. Not to be confused with CPM154 but a good all around steel and best I can tell Benchmade has 154cm dialed in.
    The blad is comfortable with a nicely anodized alluminiu. Set of scales with a traction coating. It feels good in the hand it has some grip but definitely not supper grippy for hard use ice or really wet conditions and I would imagine any oil or freeze and this thing will be like a bar of soap in the shower but I will have to wait and see if that's the case.

    The knife is a push button auto with safety. For you lefties you are out of luck this is right hand tip up only. There maybe left hand versions out there. For guys with large hands I think your out too. The shape of the handle is very pronounced and I have small to medium sized hands and am able to get a full four finger grip in but just barely. If my hands were any larger I think I would have crazy hot spots.

    The one thing I do find uncomfortable is the pocket clip. Appears to be standard Benchmade affair but In the hand it rubs when fully gripping the knife. Maybe a more low profile low ride clip is out there and available. I'll have to look into it.
    Besides the clip my only other complaint is the actuating button. It feels a bit gritty and if I'm pressing it on an angle there is a lot of friction and the release is kind of held up. I'm thinking it will just wear I. But if needed maybe a little polishing will do it. This knife does have a safety. The safety is a good one. It's out of the way but easy to activate/deactivate and it ratchets in and out so I would not imagine it accidentally moving.
    The button is placed well and low pro enough I'm not concerned with actuating it by accident and as such am not utilizing the safety. The safety can also be utilized adlfter the blade has been deployed if you were concerned with the potential of releasing the blade when in use. This knife I would not see as glove friendly. Especially winter gloves.

    But all in all I would give it an 8 out of 10. Fit and finish is good blade was centered and factory edge was good. I think. Anyone looking for a mid tier mid size auto this could be a winner.

    And just a quick word about Affordable Tactical Supply in Sachse. Good much of guys there and an expanding line up of quality gear. My understanding is it's under new ownership and they have been working to expand their offerings. Fire arm selection right now is minimal but they are getting in more quality pieces and most importantly they can order what ever you want. Prices are good I would say their flocks were a split 10% cheaper than any other local place I've been to in the area. Definitely worth stopping in.

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