Bentley's Firearms and Indoor Range Austin, TX


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Feb 27, 2010
north richland hills, texas
I visited my son and family for Thanksgiving. They live in Dripping Springs. While there we visited Bentley's Firearms and Indoor Range which was about 6 or so miles east of Dripping Springs on Hwy 290. It only has 10 shooting stalls but it wasn't crowded on Wednesday. The staff is super friendly and the cost is $20 an hour but there can be 2 more people sharing the stall for $10 each. Each person gets a free target. We shot for over an hour and no one said anything. The Range Officer was very friendly and helpful. This range is 100 yards deep, which is very unusual for indoor. It is a little noisy because it is narrow and long but that's why we have hearing protection.
I highly recommend this range. I talked with several of the employees and told them about TGT and they loggeg into the website and looked around and was impressed. They will probably become a supporter.
Just my 2c.
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