Best Gun Shop or FFL for transfers NW SA?

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  • O.S.O.K. 1961

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    Jul 13, 2018
    SATX Northwest Quadrant
    Well, like the thread title says, can ya'll recommend a shop or FFL that does transfers in NW San Antonio? I live just south (like touching) of Government Canyon SWA. Right out off of Culebra. I've got a bead on a Polish AKM that I'd like to get. TIA!


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    Jun 28, 2020
    LaVernia TX
    I use an FFL off SE side of SA who only charges $20 non-LTC holders.
    Only $10 for LTC holders or veterans and first responders.


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    Aug 27, 2009
    San Antonio!
    I actually found an FFL right around the corner from me and he was on file with Classic Firearms - which is where I'm ordering the gun from. He's a little more than Helotes Tactical but he's literally 5 min away. Hope this goes well!

    Is it this guy on 1560 (LoneStar Gun & Supply)?

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