Best Night Sights?


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Mar 21, 2008
Houston, TX
I've used Trijicon night sights before, but what do you consider the best on the market? I have a Glock 19, but might be getting something new to play with.


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Feb 29, 2008
DFW area.....Wylie.
Trijicon or Mepro.......both are good.

I have not heard anything or seen anything negative about either one in years. One of them used to use a painted white ring outside the the tritium vial, the paint would come off if you used solvents to clean your weapon. However, now, both have a plastic sleeve.


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Feb 21, 2008
Austin, TX
Since no one mentioned it, I would also consider XS Big dot sights. They are a bit out of the ordinary in function compared to typical notch and post sights. Some people just can't get past that, and they can take some getting accustomed to. While I think that the sights that work best for an individual are ultimately probably the best for that person, for their defensive gun. At the same time, personally I like some of the aspects of the XS sights for self defense purposes. Their natural design really forces your eyes to focus on that front sight, and because of the low profile rear as well as the larger front sight it can really make for faster target re-acquisition, helping to speed up follow up shots in turn. I like 'em. Many people don't because they are a bit "unconventional" and don't fit the mold of typical handgun sights. I would say try as many different types as possible and decide what you like, and those will probably be the best for you specifically.
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