Biden Presidency - 1/24-30/21


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Jul 15, 2014
Looks like OBiden and Kamikaze Harris are going to eliminate close to 1 million, if not a little more, energy jobs just here in the U.S. within the few weeks, if not within a month.
Looks like they’re living up to their promises, sooner than later.
All of those poor schmuck union presidents who endorsed OBiden/Harris ticket are getting early vacations due to them.


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Feb 3, 2016
Well, Joe Biden*,is not my President, and Willie's Walking Mattress, Kameltoe Flatback Harris, is even less important, so have as many threads as you want. The entire DemonRat party uses the Constitution to wipe their Biden, after defecating on all. As for EO's, they just keep at it, sitting on open powder kegs, playing with matches. Thousands of jobs lost already, and the stock market tanking, below 30,000 today, retirement accounts are bleeding heavily, this crew of degenirates, and perverts with their collective hands up the ass of Slow Joe, beside the CCP hand, are going to destroy this country, and seem to be in a race to do it within "the first hundred days!"

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