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  • Salted

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    Apr 16, 2022
    Corpus Christi
    Landed a big bull on light tackle a couple of days ago off the south jetty. Throwing a 1oz Krocodile spoon in chrome and green mackerel hoping for a Spanish. Fought him hard and tried to get him in as quick as I could, but sadly couldn't revive him. Ended up having to use my over slot tag. Was happy to see it wasn't a female when I broke him down, but still a bummer he was too gassed to get back out. Freezer is getting pretty full.

    Probably gonna switch to heavier gear out there to try to reduce the big bull mortality risk. Gotta get them in fast, CPR and vent them big bruisers. Keep the breeding stock up.

    41", 30lbs.


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    Jul 8, 2022
    Very nice fish and I applaud your sportsmanship. We need more fishermen, like you, that care about our resources.
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