CA: The California Monopoly Finds Itself Innocent

slim jim

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Mar 18, 2008

The great state of California releases a violent criminal without following any of its own rules, and then the sicko brutally stabs a 15-year-old girl the next day. According to this article , the black-robed ruling party boss finds the government “not guilty” because, as he so aptly put it, the government has no duty to protect the public.

Why does anyone trust the government to do anything on behalf of the people and even more, why does anyone trust the government to be able to stand in judgment of itself in an honest or fair manner?

Judge clears state in parolee's attack on girl


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Feb 1, 2009
That's Kalifornia. Now most of their comrades are without weapons and their sugar daddy government has no duty to protect them. With that ruling, they can solve their money problems by dismantling the KGB I mean the CHP. I spent parts of '07 and '08 there and as God as my witness, its like a police state. The victims that live there are like the frog in a fry pan. As long as the heat (their rights) is applied (taken away) slowly they are oblivious to their situation and consider their socialist situation quite progressive.
Before we get into it, I grew up in Los Angeles and my Mom lived there and loved it till she passed in '07. She considered having an 800 number to turn your neighbors in for watering their lawn after 7:am or leaving their trash cans out overnight was a good way to live. They have tattletale numbers for everything.

M. Sage

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Jan 21, 2009
San Antonio
No government has a duty to protect; federal, state or local.

It really pisses off CA CLEOs when you try using that as a "good cause" statement to get a CCW.
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