Camp Bullis Sportsmans Range


Aug 27, 2009
San Antonio!
I got a PM asking about this range, since I mention it a lot. Instead of just replying to that one person, I thought I'd go ahead and post the info here so anyone who might be eligible can give it a try.

Just to make it clear, the Camp Bullis Sportsmans Range is only accessible for DoD ID card holders only!

In other words...

No guests
are allowed unless they have DoD ID cards !

The range is on Camp Bullison NW Military just north of 1604 and east of IH-10 West. It's been a few weeks since I've been, but they had a temporary rifle caliber restriction of .223/5.56 or less due to a recent safety inspection. However, the range control officer I spoke with the last time I was there expected the issues in question to be resolved soon, so ask when you call if you plan to shoot any rifles over .223/5.56. Here's the info:


1. DAILY RANGE PASS. Daily range pass is $4.00. This allows shooter to shoot two (2) firearms (shotgun, pistol or rifle) per day. If there is a waiting line, your time will be limited to one (1) hour.

2. ANNUAL RANGE PASS. Annual range pass is $25 per year. The range pass authorizes the user to shoot two (2) firearms (shotgun, pistol or rifle) per day. If there is a waiting line, time will be limited to one (10 Hour. The range pass is included in all Camp Bullis special permit and activity cards.

3. HOURS OF OPERATION. The Sportsman Range will normally be open every Saturday and Sunday from 1000 to 1400 (Oct-May) and 0800 to 1200 (Jun-Sep). On occasion, the range may be closed to support military training requirements or other unforeseen reasons. You should call 295-7529 or 7577 to determine range status before making the trip to Camp Bullis .

4. FIREARM RESTRICTIONS. Firearm restrictions for the sportsman range are as follows:

a. All firearms must be registered with the Outdoor Recreation Center (ORC) prior to bringing them onto Camp Bullis .

b. No firearms will be fired on automatic.

c. Maximum caliber restriction is .30 caliber. No super magnum .30 caliber, i.e., 300 Win Mag. Maximum range limit is no more than 5,782 yards. (NOTE: See above comments concerning temporary caliber restrictions!)

d. Firearms will be fired at designated targets only.

e. No tracer ammunition will be fired on this range.


a. The ORC Range Safety Officer (RSO) will be present at all times when the Sportsman Range is hot.

b. Non-shooters are not permitted on the firing line. Non-shooters are required to remain on the benches at all times. Each shooter must be in possession of either a daily or an annual range pass. No sharing of range passes between individuals is allowed.

c. No smoking on the firing line or in the covered area. Outside area is the designated smoking area.

d. Only one (1) gun is permitted on the firing line per shooter at a time.

e. No one is permitted down range without clearance from the Range Safety Officer (RSO). Only shooters are permitted to check targets.

f. All brass and trash will be removed prior to departing the range.

g. A round count will be given to the RSO upon completion of training.

h. Failure to follow RSO instructions will result in your removal from the range. A second violation will result in your range pass being revoked and privileges suspended.
The range is set at 50, 100, 200 and 300 meters; however, usually they will not allow people to set up targets beyond 100 meters because it takes so long to check them that it inconveniences the other shooters. However, this is not always true, especially before hunting season when a lot of people are sighting in their rifles. Ask ahead of time before planning to shoot over 100 meters.

Lastly, I am not responsible for any deviations to the above information. The rules can and do change (this is the military we're talking about!), so call the ORC at the numbers listed above and get all questions answered before going out there. It is a great range to shoot...quiet, professionally run, and some really great folks shooting there. But once again, this range is only open to DoD ID card holders (e.g active duty, Reservists, Guardsmen, retirees and dependents). No guests are allowed!

I hope that helps!

Cheers! M2

Buck Nekkid

Sep 30, 2009
San Antonio
It's too bad that "regular" tax paying citizens cannot utilize this taxpayer funded range. Years ago, pre 9-11, many of us non military types were welcomed to shoot at the excellent facility at Nellis AFB in Las Vegas. Post 9-11 it's been military only. Is that what happened here?


Aug 27, 2009
San Antonio!
Basically, and now those of us with DoD ID cards can't even bring guests on the range which kinda sucks.

Still, it's a military installation and security needs to be maintained. There are too many valuable resources out there that need to be protected; especially considering the kinds of training now conducted on Bullis. As someone who has insight into the daily threats against this country, including the domestic ones, I fully understand the need for the increased measures.

Cheers! M2


Sep 27, 2010
San Antonio
Couple of comments.
- If anyone's wondering, you are able to shoot hand guns there. They've got a couple of targets on the end for that.
- There are caliber restrictions. Not sure what is/is not allowed, best to call them. I know that .270 is not allowed. It's all based on max range.


Aug 27, 2009
San Antonio!
The above rules state handguns are allowed ("This allows shooter to shoot two (2) firearms (shotgun, pistol or rifle) per day"), and I've shot them at both ends of the range. You are not restricted to the far end although the RSOs like to keep that area open for strictly handgun shooters.

As for caliber restrictions, it is posted in the above info as well ("Maximum caliber restriction is .30 caliber. No super magnum .30 caliber, i.e., 300 Win Mag. Maximum range limit is no more than 5,782 yards").

Lastly, as I've stated earlier, it's always best to call before going out there. The range is sometimes close due to other activities.

Cheers! M2


Jan 3, 2011
San Antonio
This sounds like it could be a winner for the wife and I, being DOD ID holders (I'm AD, she's a dependant). Do firearms need to be registered in advance, or can I register them on a day the range is open and shoot them right afterward?


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