Can you reload this type ammo?

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by GlockGuy, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. GlockGuy

    GlockGuy Member

    Oct 24, 2008
    Can you reload this type ammo? It has on the box 9mm Luger 115Gr. Metal Case" The cases look like their brass.:confused: Thanks for your help.

    " 3166910.jpg For practice, target shooting, training exercises or any other high-volume shooting situation UMC centerfire pistol and revolver ammunition offers value without any compromise in quality or performance. Made with Remington components right here in the USA, UMC handgun ammunition is available in today’s most popular pistol and revolver calibers with metal case bullets. UMC ammunition provides shooters with the optimum blend of value and performance. Now available in money-saving large-quantity 250-round Mega Packs."

  2. Tired Retired

    Tired Retired New Member

    Jan 19, 2009
    DFW Area
    Yes, Remington uses the Boxer primers (the ones with the single hole in the bottom). You will see that the head stamp is "R-P" and it is good to go. Remington is actually one of my preferred headstamps.
  3. GlockGuy

    GlockGuy Member

    Oct 24, 2008
    Thanks, I was worried when I bought them I was told you couldn't reload them. But they do have R-P stamped on the bottom of the cases.
  4. junkyguns

    junkyguns Active Member

    pmc is some of the better cases but some of the worst loaded ammo I can not fire a full mag with out a hang up in any of my 9mm pistols
  5. robocop10mm

    robocop10mm Active Member

    Jan 9, 2009
    Round Rock
    UMC, Not PMC junky. JK JK

    PMC stands for Pretty Much Crap.

    R-P Is very dangerous to reload. You should send it all to me and i will dispose of it properly. Once again, just kidding.
  6. 40Arpent

    40Arpent TGT Addict TGT Supporter

    Jul 16, 2008
    Brass is a metal. ;)
  7. Texas1911

    Texas1911 TGT Addict

    May 29, 2017
    Austin, TX
    So are aluminum and steel.

  8. wshbrngr

    wshbrngr Member

    Jul 16, 2008
    Texas Hill Country
    I believe the 'Metal Case' refers to the bullets, Remington calls their Full Metal Jacket ammo Metal Case.
  9. Rifleman55

    Rifleman55 Member

    Jul 17, 2008
    Metal case means that the bullets are fmj. It has nothing to do with the cartride casing.
  10. junkyguns

    junkyguns Active Member

    yep it is umc you are absolutly correct Robo ! either way it is ok to reload not hte very best but it will work just fine if you can get the factory crap to fire so you can reload it LOL

    as i recall pmc is aluminum cases ?? i think but I have just had breakfast and really don't care about anything else at the moment until the caffien hits

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