Canon and HP Printer ink cartridges

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    Feb 28, 2009
    I was given the task of getting rid of some new Canon and HP ink cartridges that were piling up in the IT department.....

    HP 14 Black (in box) retail: $38.99
    2 HP 51626A Lg. black (in box) retail: $37.99
    HP 51625A tri-color (in box) retail: $38.99
    HP 51649A tri-color (in box) retail: $38.99
    Canon BCI-11 black (3 individually wrapped) retail: $11.99/3pack
    Canon BCI-10 (6 individually wrapped) retail: $18.99/3pack
    CAnon BCI-11 color (6 individually wrapped) retail: $22.99/3pack

    Will sell the HP for $15 each
    Will sell the Canon for $5, $10, and $10 respectively.

    *Retail prices were corporate prices from Office Depot website*

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