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Feb 24, 2009
Austin, TX
hey there, im Dustin from Austin. im 28 and have just recently bought my first handgun, a GLOCK 19. i learned to hunt dove, deer and other assorted critters from my grandfather, so ive been around and used shotguns, rifles, handguns, and knives since i was a boy. i also developed a deep respect and value for life from his teachings and more importantly, his actions. i also recently joined the NRA because i feel it is very important to protect our 2nd amendment rights and because im a little leery of the current administration's ability to be good stuards of that and our other uninalienable rights. i consider myself a Texan first and an American a close second. i wouldnt think twice about seceeding from a corrupt and oppressive government if it was up for a vote to native Texans, but i would definitely want to live in a nation of united states where individual freedom is sacrosanct. that being said, i look forward to perusing these vast pages and contributing helpful and productive information to people with similar values.


May 9, 2008
North Zulch, TX
Welcome aboard!
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