Carbine & Pistol: Vehicle Operations Class


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Jul 22, 2014
Jul 26 at 9:00am to Jul 27 at 5:00pm
Austin Gun Club2901 County Road 206, Lampasas, Texas 76550

Super last minute and I apologize but just got my membership approved. :)
The morning sessions will be heavy shooting sessions with a focus on marksmanship, tactics in pairs or groups, and drills leading up to the afternoon sessions.

Afternoon sessions will focus on tactics relating to operating in and around vehicles. Intended course topics include vehicle down drills, breaking c...ontact and bounding to hard point, vehicle take downs, shooting from vehicles, ballistic characteristics and vulnerabilities of vehicles and different calibers, and if time permits, ramming/ reversing through blockades.

The days will run long and be tiring. Please come rested and energetic. This is a class that no one else is teaching in the public market.

Please feel free to inquire about staying at Austin Gun Club for a fee. The cost of the course will include lunch and dinner on Saturday, and Breakfast and Lunch on Sunday. A small time will be taken on Sunday (1/2 hour) for prayer and thanksgiving to God who breaths life in to our souls. This is optional and people do not have to participate. A small message of faith will be given.

Load Out:
Long gun with sling, 3 mags min, and 500 rounds
Pistol, 3 mag min, and 200 rounds
Eye and ear pros
Knee pads are recommended
Hydration source
Cleaning kit

The two day course cost is $300.

For those students spending the night and for an additional fee of $150, meals, lodging, and range fees are included!

For those students not spending the night, additional fees are:

Range Fee: $50 for Sat and Sun.
Meals (all 4 whether you eat all or not and the food is GOOD): $50

If anyone has any questions please post up. Thank you!



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