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Mar 7, 2008
Kingwood, Tx
My ultra carry is going to be my CCW and I cant make my mind up on a good concealed IWB holster. I am a t-shirt and shorts kind of guy, so I want something simple and easy to hide. Just wanted to see if any of you have any suggestions. Thanks


Mar 11, 2008
DFW, North Texas
There are about 14000 different, good IWB holsters. :D

Need to where a belt but I've been known to carry my Kimber in my Milt Sparks SSII without a belt for quick trips to the store etc. I did it last night.

It carries fine, just adds some trickiness to drawing. ;)


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Go figure Shorts & a T-shirt in TEXAS. One day at a public range two cops show up in the next bench. It was my first chance to shoot my GSG-5 rifle. After getting tired of reloading my one mag I pulled my full sized Baer SRP out of it's Tucker Answer. I'm a shorts & T-shirt guy myself. They both stood there like a couple of slack jawed yokels. Best thing was they were to my right which is the side that I carry on. Even better was the look on their faces after I shot a few mags thru it.


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Mar 4, 2008
+1 on a good IWB holster and gunbelt for concealed carry with shorts and T-shirt. My choice is Sparks Heritage holster worn on Alessi belt but there are many other good choices also. FWIW, I believe that really good gunleather and gunbelts are worth the wait and price.


Mar 11, 2008
DFW, North Texas is priced well and the wait is short for a good gun belt. They're comfortable and very supportive. They aren't pre-curved like Sparks for example, but for comparable belts, they're $30-$50 less and you get them in about 2 weeks. Jim is also a great guy to work with if you want something special. He even switched out a buckle on a clearance belt he happened to have in stock that was my size, even after I offered to just buy another buckle.

I have 2 of his so far. A 1.5" and a 1.25" Horsehide. Both work great, even with my heavy all steel Kimber.

I also have a Sparks 1.5" and it's very nice, has the built in curve and all, but new start at $90 and a long wait.

I carry in a Brommeland MaxConV and a Milt Sparks SSII. Coal Creek Armory is who is carrying Brommelands exclusively now. Either work well for me, but the SSII is less warm if it's really hot out, just because it has less footprint, although not as stable or concealable as the MCV.

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May 1, 2008
There are plenty of great holsters out there. You don't have to spend the price of a new gun in order to get great retention and longevity. Don Hume and DeSantis are two of my favorite holsters. They are both excellent for the money. I have had my fair share of high end custom holsters and they are great, but there are drawbacks. One, they can take a long time to receive, I have waited as long as 8 months, and as often as I trade guns it just is not worth it for me. Which ever one you decide on make sure to wear a good heavy belt to hold it up. The belt is about as important as the holster.


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Feb 21, 2008
Austin, TX
I highly recommend I have one of their CTAC's for my P220 and like it a lot. Their Minotaur series are supposed to be even more comfortable. The nice thing is they are based out of Texas, and it's always nice (to me at least) to support local businesses. Most of their stuff is Kydex though. I realize some people prefer leather holsters.


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Mar 7, 2008
Kingwood, Tx
JEMOST, thanks for the link. I went ahead and ordered the IWB for a 3'inch 1911. I had ordered one from and it didnt even get shipped for 2 weeks. After 3 phone calls and them telling me it was going out that day 3 different times I canceled my order. I think this one will be a better holster anyways. I dont know what the rush is anyways. I have been waiting for my CHL for over 2 monthes now.:mad:



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