Cedar Park's Shady Oaks Gun Range - Opens Dec 2013


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Sep 13, 2013
Shady Oaks Gun Range is coming to Cedar Park Texas. Located at 3100 Woodall Drive, Less than 10 minutes west of 183A along FM1431, Shady Oaks Gun Range will initially offer 10 indoor 25 yards lanes. A retail section specializing in Conceal Carry Handguns and Home protection and a multipurpose training room. Shady Oaks Gun Range will meet seven objectives.

  1. Provides the safest possible target shooting experience by meeting or exceeding National Rifle Association Guidelines and robust safety plan and enforcement
  2. Provide the cleanest environment by complying to OSHA and National Rifle Association Guidelines
  3. Provide convenient and efficient shooting experience that will reduce many shooting inhibitors and help ensure handgun and rifle proficiency (convenient proximity, Flexible range times, target retrieval system , minimized rifle reports, Women’s Lounge area
  4. Provide a multiuse space that will facilitate Conceal Carry License Class, additional curriculum and informal social gatherings such as a Women’s Pistol Club Group Meetings
  5. Enable and promote handgun Proficiency for both CHL holders and general Gun owners by creating the safest shooting range design and customer experience ecosystem with emphasis on Range safety practices, Acoustic Management, and Lowest Possible Environmental Lead Exposure
  6. Create a fun Place to work- Full Time Positions are open. Please Like us at https://www.facebook.com/ShadyOaksGunRange and send a message with your contact information.
  7. Provide the highest quality shooting experience and a great time for all shooters


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Sep 13, 2013
Greetings all,
Yes, We are way Behind Schedule. Shady Oaks Gun Range had Targeted Mid Dec 2013. If you look around however, what you see is that there has not been an Indoor Gun Range Constructed since....19something. Maybe +30 Years ago. So it takes a little while to get it right and it is very expensive.

Shady Oaks Gun Range Meets or Exceeds ALL National Rifle Association Requirements and Meets or exceeds the most stringent International and Local commercial building codes. Believe it or not, Shady Oaks Gun Range will be GREEN CERTIFIED...yes, probably the only GREEN CERTIFIED Gun range in the United States. Why does GREEN matter to our shooting Clients? Because Green is cost less to operate and lower operations cost translate to lowers range fees and more great offerings and services. Does Green take longer to Construct...yes. But its better.

We are getting very close now. Even as I type this message, Shady Oaks Gun Range equipment installation is underway.

AR and M4 folks are concerned I understand about what we will allow in the range. We will welcome AR and M$ platforms up to 308.

What all our future clients and Texas Gun Talk folks must keep in mind is that you all will decide how we expand. You all want 50 yard lanes, we'll add 50 yard lanes. You want 100 yard lanes, we'll add 100 yard lanes. But we can't do it over night and do it right. We all know what the results are when a Gun Range (Indoor or Outdoor) is not well designed. Shady Oaks Gun Range will include features and offering found in no other range in the US and you all will be very surprised and very satisfied.

Shady Oaks Gun Range expects to expand with five 50Yard Lanes by year end. Of course we need to get the initial 10 25 yard lanes opened up ASAP and we need you all to come out and use the facilities, take courses, buy firearms and accessories! The face book page,
www.facebook.com/shadyoaksgunrange continues to show the best updates and we invite you all to keep posted with progress at that location.

Shady Oaks Gun Range features Target Retrieval System to make your experience your experience, Ballistic Lane Dividers to reduce muzzle blast and stray discharge risk, Advanced Acoustic materials to soften the reports, Advance Air Handler to ensure clients are not exposed to excessive Lead and powder particulates.

The Shady Oaks Gun Range Property sits on over 7 acres so there is room for 100 yard offerings. However we'll have to walk before we run, so we start with what is needed the most, a quality 10 25 yard indoor lane facility. We'll add 5X50 Yards by year end.

What happens in 2015 is up to our clients. We can add more 25's, 50's or even 100's if demand is there.

We will offer an immediate single Fixed Hunter Archery Position with 3D targets at 10,20,30,40,50,& 60 yards. If demand is high, we'll add additional archery positions.

We will be posting the following positions on the Facebook Page, (all applicants must be CHL holders)
Retail Sales Person (Full time and Part Time)
Range Safety Officer (Part Time)
Store Manager (Full Time)
Trainer/Instructors qualified to instruct in the following:
1 Texas CHL Course
2 Basic Firearms Training Safe Handling and Storage Class
3 Basic Firearms Training (Private Lessons - Marksmanship)
4 Hunter Education Courses
5 NRA Basic Personal Protection In The Home Course
6 NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course
7 NRA Basic Rifle Shooting Course
8 NRA Basic Shotgun Shooting Course
9 NRA Basics of Personal Protection Outside The Home Course
10 NRA Defensive Pistol
11 NRA FIRST Steps Pistol Orientation
12 NRA FIRST Steps Rifle Orientation
13 NRA FIRST Steps Shotgun Orientation
14 NRA Home Firearm Safety Course
15 NRA Range Safety Officer Course
16 NRA Refuse To Be A Victim® Seminars



Shady Oaks Gun Range


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Oct 16, 2012
AR and M4 folks are concerned I understand about what we will allow in the range. We will welcome AR and M$ platforms up to 308.
Up to 308 or up to and including 308?

I don't like indoor ranges in general, but I appreciate how you are trying to make yours modern.

I'm local so I'll try it out and may be a repeat customer. You'll definitely get reviews on here. :)


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