Chad Parker Running for Governor?


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Dec 15, 2019
Deep East Texas.
You mean, sexy? You know you like it. Tenifer finished carbon steel frame and slide, natural grip angle meant for the non-Teutonic hand, God's caliber, and of course, Glock perfection on the box :cowboy:
I think I just threw up in my mouth, a lot!

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Nov 7, 2015
A few on the site are panicked and willing to do whatever big brother says...but most aren't that gullible.

Somehow being lied to over and over again doesn't shake their faith in the medical nonsense we're fed and really believe destroying the economy is 'for the best' - it's a wonder these folks lived long enough to become old enough to vote.....


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Apr 15, 2013
I has me some questions ...

1. Who is Chad Parker?
2. Is he related to Chad Prather in the video you posted?
3. Alan West for Gov of Texas!
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