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May 29, 2017
Austin, TX
- New policy regarding politics:
- No longer a 5-Post minimum for the classifieds.
- Larger attachment storage / user albums.

Fixed a few things that people have contention about, or I constantly have to deal with. One of which is the 5-post requirement for the classifieds. The reasoning behind it is that we have a more effective anti-spam setup, the removal of the firearms classifieds, and the growth of the forum (we are much more active now). Lastly, my email inbox will have less in it on a daily basis.

People have complained about the limitation on picture attachments, and so I've increased the storage amount from 1 MB to 5 MB. Hopefully this is the setting that has been limiting everyone. VBulletin is bad about having 10 different settings to serve the same purpose.

Finally, politics are going to be cut back and put into their own section. Hopefully this will work to instill a more friendly atmosphere to people that are seeking answers, not a political diatribe. Those that are politically motivated will have their own forum to duke it out in.

Questions, comments, concerns... post here.
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