Cheap pawn shop gun - Pt. II


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Jan 14, 2009
After I got the Bersa Thunder 380 at the pawn shop with three factory mags for $200 OTD, I see this Rossi 5-shot .38 Spl for $200. It looks to be in excellent condition, like new.

I could probably talk them down to $200 OTD or even less.

What do you think? Worth buying?

BTW, I am a Smith & Wesson snob, but I'll be darned if I'm going to use my prized nickel 27-2 in a defense shooting.

It looks just like this. I think it is the Rossi 351.



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Jan 14, 2009
I think if you keep this up, you'll owe the forum and consulting fee.
If I keep this up, I won't be able to afford any fees.

The pawn shop has a Rossi/Braztech .22LR/20 ga combo rifle that they are asking $109 for.

I will $260 for both. I have a CHL.


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Jan 26, 2009
Buy it and shoot it, it looks like a pretty good deal. Because of my addiction to guns, I can not usually pass up a gun for $200. I am with dadoo, where is your honey hole?


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pawn shops are a good place to get good deals ,the ones with crap piled to the ceiling are the best they dont even have most of the stuff priced just ask them what they will take for it then offer half of what you would pay , you may be supprised or run out of the store. I picked up a super clean ruger mkII with a 5.5 heavy barrel for $150 out the door with a trigger lock and spare mag and holster . I could have picked up a mavrick 88 12 ga in decent shape for $70 but just didn't feel the need to park one of them by my remmy's. If you spend a little time digging around you can come up with all sorts of toys , I found a gi mag holder marked $5 asked the guy will he take $3 "sure " it had two new colt 1911 mags in it . further digging I pulled up a diving weight he didn't even know what it was said oh just take it .. melted it down for a dozen and a half 45 bullets. Bonus! accessories can be found out the a$$ and if you are looking for a gun case well they have quite a few laying around in most shops and always insist on getting one if you buy a gun from them.


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Aug 12, 2008
How does that effect buying them/it? :confused:

The Texas CHL removes the requirement to call in the transaction for approval as a background check was required for CHL. This saves the dealer time and trouble.


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