Chicagoization of America


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Oct 16, 2012
Illinois is my former state. Ive still got people trapped there with Stockholm Syndrome

The DEMOCRATS just passed a pension reform law that screws teachers on their pensions. Yes their pensions were ridiculous but the state agreed to it and in IL the pensions are constitutionally protected. After Detroits bankruptcy and their pensions failing IL got bold. Ive read a lot at the Fed level are looking to reduce federal pensions including for military now. Shell game. Get a group of people (often union) to pledge their allegiance to you, promise them what they want in return for their votes. When you cant pay up...which you knew you wouldnt be able to, get some level of gov to bail you out (GM in detroit), put it on the backs of state tax payers (what will happen in IL i believe) or just dont pay (detroit city workers).

Serious Stockholm Syndrom that so many loyal democrats stay on the plantation after slavery is over.


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Jul 11, 2009
East Houston
I was born and raised in Chicago. When politicians garner that much power, you as a person/individual don't count for crap! You do not matter. Your life is of no interest or consequence to anyone in power. That's how it is there so........


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