CHL Traffic Stop stories. What Is yours?


Mar 11, 2008
DFW, North Texas
I was pulled one night (with my wife) coming home from dinner. We were on a rural road. I was pulled over for no license plate light (which I am sure was just an excuse to check for DWI or whatever).
Or it might have been because, he saw a truck driving down the road with no license plates? That's a pretty good reason to stop someone. :D


Mar 24, 2008
No stories yet, but it's comforting to see it go so well for most of you. It's one of those things I wonder about and in my experience if there is an asshole in the field I'll most likely get him.

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Mar 4, 2008
North Texas
I have a lead foot and have been stopped several times, often with just verbal warnings. I have two stories that are not the norm, per se.

The first happened on I-35 in Hillsboro at the split. I had an expired inspection sticker (unbeknownst to me) and I got pulled over. I informed the older DPS officer that I had a licence for a concealed handgun and that I was carrying and gave him my ID. I noticed his partner take up a defensive position behind the C pillar of my car with his hand on his gun. The officer I was dealing with asked me where my gun was and I explained that I had one on my right hip and one in my left front pocket. He asked me why I thought I needed to carry two guns. My answer was honest, but maybe not appropriate. I said, "Because I don't have a partner standing behind the C-pillar of my car with his hand on his gun covering me like you do." He quickly glanced at his partner, said he would be right back. They then had words behind my car. Later the officer returned with a citation for me, but his partner never approached my vehicle again. To this day, I don't know if the older officer chastised his partner for being overly defensive (which is fine by me as he wasn't being threatening, just prepared) or for getting spotted so readily.

The other story isn't a traffic stop per se, but stopped while leaving my range property in Montague County about 10:00 with a truck loaded up with lawn gear from where I had been mowing my range. I had pulled the truck out of the gate as I was leaving and had exited the truck to close the gate when a Montague County Sheriff's Deputy rolled by and did a U turn and put a spot light on me. Mind you, I was still on my property, but outside of the gate, uncovered and so was open carrying (my vest to cover me was in the truck). I heard "Good evening" after the deputy exited his car but could not see him very well. I raised my hands away from my waist and explained that I was on my own property, armed (which I was not sure if he could tell or not), and that my identification and CHL were inside my right front pocket. He asked me to retrieve my licenses and to not reach for my gun and to come over to the hood of his car. I did. He explained that since it was dark and he saw me leaving the property with a bunch of equipment in the back of the truck and since he didn't know me, he just wanted to check to see that I was on the up and up. That may sound a bit like a cheap excuse, but the county only has 25,000 people in it and the deputies know or recognize a lot of the people in their patrol areas. He ran my data and then handed me back my licenses and said that he wished more folks would carry and that maybe they could have less problems. He bid me good evening and went on with his patrol...


Mar 9, 2008
Close to downtown FW by University and Camp Bowie where it seems like 15 streets come together at one intersection. I had to get over and made what I thought was a harmless lane change as there was nobody else around. A butch LEO appeared from who knows where then pulled me over and asked for ID so I gave her both. She immediately handed my CHL back to me and clipped my DL on her board and wrote me up for an improper right turn. She didn't say five words...

I tell this story to guys who say they really want to get their carry license but that the main intent is using it to beat traffic tickets...Fat chance.


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Apr 30, 2008
I've been stopped 3 times since I got mine. One with, 2 without.

First time, I was coming back from Austin, with one of my buds, on new years and got stopped for going 10 over by a State Trooper. Told my buddy to keep his hands visible and I was squeezing the steering wheel with mine. Trooper asked for DL, told him I had a CHL and a gun in the car, he asked where, I told him under the seat, he asked me to step outside.... but left my buddy in the car (?!?). He informed me I was going 10 over, asked me some questions of where I was headed, and what I did for a living, kind of just chatting..... wrote me a warning and said to keep an eye out for speed traps like this one...... seriously, he said that. And we were on our way.

The other two times I did not have a gun with me, I got stopped for "taking an exit ramp to fast" ??? and another time for my plate light being out. Both times they were local cops, both times informed then I had CHL but no gun with me....both times not even a warning ticket written and let me go.

So in my instance, a CHL has been a "free" pass.


Feb 29, 2008
DFW area.....Wylie.
who say they really want to get their carry license but that the main intent is using it to beat traffic tickets...Fat chance.
I have to say the CHL lets the officer know that you have never been convicted of a felony, class A or B misdemeanor, and shouldn't have warrants. It doesn't tell the officer to let you off without a ticket. I think people attribute their CHL with getting them out of a ticket......when they wouldn't of gotten one anyways. Lots of people get stopped and are not ticketed for many, many reasons.

I tend to think that the folks who get CHL's are inherently less likely to get a ticket because they are not the part of the population the police want to harass..------- They stay out of trouble for the most part (of course there are exceptions). Most officers cut you a little slack for being a good citizen.

The flip side of this, I will tell in a quick story. One of my old buddies is a cop, whose personal truck was recently stolen. He doesn't write many speeding tickets, mostly looks out for drugs and drunks. He pulled a guy over and it came back that the guy was a convicted thief. My buddy said "that there was no way he was leaving without a ticket......if he had been a car thief he probably would have ended up in jail somehow".

The point is, it's probably more about you than your CHL.......but people give the credit to the CHL. That is a BAD thing, especially if people start getting them to get out of tickets. It will be WORSE if it gets to the point that we are looked at negatively for having one.

Don't tell people your CHL got you out of anything.......even if you believe it did.


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May 28, 2008
Ft Worth, TX
When you hand a LEO your ID's, it's the same as him asking you for them and you're required to tell him you're armed; not wait until they ask. You got lucky with that one I think.

And baboon. It's no wonder the it didn't go real smooth. Again, you handed him your CHL and should have told him you had a hand gun.
I don't follow. The law does not require you to tell the officer you are carrying. It simply requiers that when a Peace Officers demands that you ID yourself, you display both the CHL and DL or ID.


Mar 11, 2008
DFW, North Texas
I don't follow. The law does not require you to tell the officer you are carrying. It simply requiers that when a Peace Officers demands that you ID yourself, you display both the CHL and DL or ID.
You're right. Thanks for correcting me.

I've had it in my head that presenting the CHL along with DL/ID whether I'm carrying or not just made good sense, and that disclosing if I was carrying just added to the trust an LEO might have being forthright with him/her.

I got carried away...

Only when you're carrying is it "required" to present both. But if they run the DL and they find you're a CHL holder, even not carrying, I think there's a chance it'll create a trust issue.



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