Christmas In Texas- A Totally Unique Experience!


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Jul 11, 2009
East Houston
I just sat down to a plate of home made tamales and cookies that my Mexican neighbor brought over. My little dog, Jake was stationed as always by my side hoping for a few morsels to come his way. Of course, some did!

Just after we started eating, there was a tremendous racket outside. Our volunteer Fire Department decorated their trucks with Christmas tree lights and played Christmas music with Santa Claus handing out goodies to the kids.

I came back inside after they passed by and thought about how unique Christmas was in Texas!

I pondered the two slabs of ribs cooling in the refridge waiting for Xmas dinner.

As my eyes scanned the room, I noted the AR-15 in the new Tipton gun vise waiting to be cleaned.

There is a ton of .223 brass being sorted for reloading. Midway finally got some "Dogtown" bullets so I stocked up. Gonna need some .223 real soon!

So, I gazed in wonder at how different Christmas in Texas is from any other place that I've lived. I've traveled during Christmas and been in Mexico and the Bahamas for Christmas but the holiday in Texas is a whole different trip!

Please feel free to share some things that make Christmas in Texas unique for you!

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Apr 4, 2011
Out West
Warmer climate. Better people.
Gun shops are as crowded as Victoria's Secret this time of year.

I love Texas!


Nov 9, 2008
Unincorporated East Harris County
We moved to San Antonio when I was 16. We came from Tyler, Shreveport before that. Anyway, my dad came home with a 5 gallon tin can of tamales that Christmas. We couldn't figure why the hell his boss was giving away tamales at Christmas. 37 years later, it just ain't Christmas if I ain't eatin' tamales.


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Jan 21, 2013
Roger, I've been to 10 different countries on four continents and at least 35 of these here United States and nowhere speaks to my soul more than Texas.


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Aug 31, 2013
Grand Prairie, TX
I've lived in New York City, Upstate New York, San Diego, and the Dallas area. I love this place and would not move for any reason.


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Jan 3, 2010
Occupied Texas
Not enough money in the world to make me live north of the Red again.

Since my son came to visit (from DFW), we had Christmas today. Wife got me an annual membership to a shooting range. Good wife!

Tamales? Ate the last of the ones in the 'fridge for lunch on Thursday.

Ribs? Had those for lunch on Friday.
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