Civil Rights and Severe Pain! Must Read.

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  • b189

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    Jan 22, 2014
    The US Government and Police departments of this country are now installing devices into your body to create severe pain.

    They are installing devices into your head,mouth,shoulder,penis,vagina, once these devices are installed you automatically black out at night, they then proceed to enter your home, and install more of this crap into your body.

    They want to hear every conversation you are having and control every aspect of your life, all in effort to line their pockets with money, with disregard to your life, and your family's life.

    Help stop this atrocity by spreading the word to as many people as possible. Help stop the rape of you and your family by spreading the word and giving this message to as many people as possible.

    Beware, the police and government are now having undercover friends drug you, put you to sleep, and install tiny microphones into your mouth and skull. Side effects may include severe pain, accidents that were not your fault.

    When you go to sleep, you black out, and the government and police break into your home and rape you, and install more of these chips into your body.

    Spread the word. Don't let new friends sleep over.

    Tell all your friends, its only a matter of time before it effects you.

    Signs that this has happen to you,

    1. severe tooth pain.
    2. your anus was loose when you woke up.
    3. your girlfriends vagina has some kind of bump in it.
    4. unexplainable pain randomly, throughout the day.
    5. stomach pain, cant crap.
    6. severe migranes
    7. burns on your body, (white stains on your skin).

    things to do to annoy the police and government that are listening to you through unuathorized taps into your body. (this helps kill some of these in your body and flush them out)

    1. making slirping sounds with your mouth.
    2. try to stay up for over 48 hours without going to sleep, try to take a lot of craps.
    3. monster energy drink.
    4. avoid eating out, try cooking at home.
    5. avoid shady doctors and clinics.
    6. lots of bread and crapping.
    7. after meals use a plastic toothpick to clean your teeth.
    8. boiling hot showers.
    9. only eat canned food.
    10. invest in security cameras for your home.

    watch what you say, some money hungry rat is listening to every word you say.

    The police and government are now installing tiny microscopic microchips into your mouth and body so they can listen to every word you are saying.

    Don't come to los angeles, everyone in the town is a government or police rat.

    Don't let strangers sleep over at your house. Avoid sleepover for our children.

    These same devices installed into your body create severe pain at the discretion of the police department or government agency.

    It's in everything you own, you visit a doctor, he sticks it into your body.

    In the food you eat.

    In your tire ..............

    Watch out, be careful what you say and do.
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