Claims of "right wing DDOS attack on" conspiracy cropping up.

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  • rushthezeppelin

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    Dec 28, 2012
    Cedar Park
    Granted the libtards have claimed this since day one of, but now some hard left media outlets are even reporting on this DDOS tool called "Destroy Obamacare" that supposedly is being spread on social media. From two hours of research and even combing through 4chan I can find no proof of this other than a claim made by a company called Arbor Networks that seems very left leaning, they even have a portion of their website talking about how enviro friendly they are (since when did an IT company cause any harm to the environment?). I wouldn't be surprised if they have government contracts or at the very least some personal connection to someone on the White House staff (maybe another college buddy of an Admin official) or maybe they are trying to get a contract with the gov by spreading this themselves (their primary product offerings are DDOS prevention tools). Only other substantiating evidence of this is one of the guys from Homeland Security reporting 16 hacker attacks on the website in front of a congressional panel recently.

    Anyone know if there is any other evidence that this is real or if it is just a cooked up Liberal conspiracy theory? Even in an interview with one of Arbor's specialists, he admits that there hasn't even been close to widespread use of this tool and certainly not enough to be a major cause of the websites ills (which include the website basically DDOSing itself by creating 92 files when you finalize your application on it). The people on Democrat Underground are going bonkers asking the NSA to track down these supposed hacktivists but if it was really true you would think we would see some statements from them, more than just two references that the uber lefties are clinging to like gospel.

    M. Sage

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    Jan 21, 2009
    San Antonio
    No, but I did read a tech article (try finding it on Google, I'm too lazy) that said the site launched ridiculously high numbers of operations every time you submitted a page, effectively committing DDOS on itself.
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