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SOLD Cnc router by Inventables Keller texas

Discussion in 'Non-Firearms Classifieds' started by Usmc1911, Mar 1, 2018.

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  1. Usmc1911

    Usmc1911 Member

    Aug 14, 2016
    F94372F2-6492-4FFF-92E5-6E1B860C7FBE.jpeg cnc router by Inventables 1000mmx1000mm for sale or trade. Normal wear. Originally priced at around $1800. I would like $1400. I will include whatever tooling that’s left and Vcarve pro which is a 700$ program. I will entertain trades of equal value. Trades plus cash also. Interested in gen5 glocks, 1911s,AKs. I’m open to any trades. No 22s or Frankenstein builds

  2. Brains

    Brains IQ: 47

    Apr 9, 2013
    Those are pretty nice. My brother hand-built his setup, much larger scale (handles a full 4' x 8' sheet, and has a much higher Z-axis) and probably spent about that all-in doing it on his own.
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