Cobra Kai


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Jan 5, 2021
If this is the Neo Karate-Kid series...?
Then I couldn't get through more than 2 episodes... and thought it was REALLY dumb.

All the simpler people at work that can't figure out how to signal and drive at the same time, love it...
BUT they use iPhruity devices and subscribe to AppleTV, and EVERY ad on Youtube for AppleTV I saw was about gender/gay/underdog, OR mindless kid shows, AKA: nothing I want to watch. :D
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"Screw who you want, it don't effect me, but we don't need a thousand terms for your sexuality." - **** your Feelings - Leigh Guest

So what you’re saying is: “Loved it! Two fruits up, snap, snap!” Come awwwwwn, that’s funny right there!
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