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Feb 14, 2013
Okay, the 2014 training calendar for DFW, Houston, and Austin, TX is currently posted on our website at Combative Weapon Solutions 2013 Training Schedule | Weapons Training for Life Preservation
We are rolling out our new 2 day classes that will push your training and learning to new levels. We will be offering Low/Light and Night Time shooting with all of our classes except the Critical Care First Aid Concepts. All of the curriculum is reality based taught by our cadre of experienced law enforcement, military, and professional defense instructors. Together, we have over 50 years of actual real life street experience. Tell me where else you can find such a diverse learning curriculum and instructor base.

To celebrate, we are offering our CWS classes for HALF PRICE until June 1st!!! That is two days of training for only $100 a day, plus range fees!!!!! You will not find a better deal for the money on training. These classes have limited enrollment slots and they will sell out in advance at these prices, so I would suggest signing up as soon as you can and not waiting until the last minute. Once again, these are for CWS classes only and does not include guest instructors or other industry professionals that CWS hosts. After June 1st, tuition goes back to it's normal rate of $200 per day/$400 per class, plus range fees. With prices this low, a diverse calendar released this far in advance, and multiple locations throughout the state, I can not think of a legitimate reason as to why anyone serious about training would not take advantage of this opportunity. Hope to see some of you there. Stay safe.

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