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Green Hornet

Apr 23, 2009
North Texas
Looking to buy a UltraDot, open sights, not the tubes. Either the LT or the Pan AV for a S&W 500. I want to spend $200 dollars, at the most for one. The red dots are new to me. Like to use it for target shooting, possibly hunting. Would like to have some feedback on the UltraDot as well as others with open sights, in the $200 price range.
Thanking members in advance for replying.


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Mar 3, 2008
Austin, Houston
In the 200 dollar range I like the Burris Fastfire

I run a Burris Fastfire on a 10-22 and a PS90 with great results. Been seriously considering putting on my auto M11.

Green Hornet

Apr 23, 2009
North Texas
Now I know the proper wording. Reflex sights.

The problem I have seen, on youtube, When a guy was shooting a 500 or a 460. It was scope though, the scope came off while he was shooting it. A lot of varibles their, though. 1) Was locktight used on the base screws and rings? 2)Was it properly mounted?
Now the experience I have shooting the 500. The recoil is not as bad as some might think and this depends on what load your using. The recoil, is a quick kick, straight back. Not like you see in the movies, where handguns go 90 degrees in the air. But again, I don't hold the x-frame like a j-frame. I have my shooting hand higher on the grip, on the x-frame.

I have gone to the Burris website, their FastFireII, is what I like. Waterproof. Not just water resistance. Their warranty is good too.
The Tech. notes say, on the Burris websight, that the FastFire can withstand, 1000 G's. Now I don't know the force of G's a 500 gives on the max. commerical loads availible for it. I guess S&W would, maybe know? I would have to give S&W a call.

I plan to use the Warne stainless steel base they make for the x-frame. Their M500 base. It's has longer screws for it, than the M629 base, that is used for either K,L,N,X frames.

Thanks for your reply.

M. Sage

TGT Addict
Jan 21, 2009
San Antonio
You shouldn't need to use Loctite on optics mounts or hardware. Torque it properly and you should be GTG. If you must, use some of the weaker stuff so that it'll come out later. I'd bet on the scope being either horribly cheap or not properly mounted, but probably a combination of the two.

I actually broke the rail my Aimpoint Comp M2 sat on and it still didn't fall off!

On my J-Frame I find a very high grip comfortable. I actually get powder residue on the tip of my right thumb because it's up by the top rear of the cylinder.

Green Hornet

Apr 23, 2009
North Texas
M Sage

I understand what your saying. I see many varaites of loctite today, than years back, the red being common. The purple or Uncle Mike's gun-tite threadlocker, both made by loctite. Which is removable.

I have not decided on a red-dot yet. My boys say, it wold look wayy cooler, with a red-dot. Their talking about the tube red-dots. They say, it will look like my own, green hornet gun. And get the green Hogue grip for it! I said, now lets not get too overzealous about it now.
I'll be buying other handguns, for the boys. But less exspensive ones for them.


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