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Commercial Reloaders in Texas?

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  • 45tex

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    Feb 1, 2009
    Are there any?
    Just thinking that if we had a reloading industry in the state then we could assert our rights under the 10th amendment and remove federal controls over product made and sold in Texas.

    Also I'd like to start directly supporting some of these companies. The reloads I find at shows (and I have not gone in awhile) seldom have any makers name on the packages. If they don't want to admit they made it I have a hard time thinking its any good to shoot. But I be willing to give them a try.


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    Jan 23, 2009
    Years ago I had a friend who BTW help get me started reloading was a commercial reloader. I use to help him out. I hated boxing ammo.
    I can understand why you don't see names on the boxes.
    When you have 20 thousand + rounds to box, just getting the type of ammo stamped on the box is time consuming.
    I guess you could buy boxes with a logo and name and then stamp the type on the box, but the profit margin is slim on a box of ammo and still be competitive.
    Once you factor in all the basic cost to produce a box, plus the electricity, tumbling media, boxes, stamps, ink, transport, license fee, gun show table and your time; about $3.00 a box profit.
    I sure miss Alvin, he was a very knowledgeable guy and always had a stash of ammo for rainy days.
    I can just imagine how pissed he would be today to see these prices.
    When he passed away you could buy a box of 44mag 240gn JHP from him for $10.00 a box of 50ea.
    Man that was a long time ago!!!


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    Oct 20, 2008
    I wonder if they have any plans for expansion? I could foresee alot of business coming their way!


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    Jul 16, 2008
    I wonder if they have any plans for expansion? I could foresee alot of business coming their way!

    Foresee? Collins is usually at all of our local gun shows...and they are typically sold out of all the popular stuff within minutes of the doors opening.


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    Aug 26, 2008
    NW San Antonio (conroe tx.)

    I like Collins alot, I have never had a problem (knock on wood) with a single round. I spoke with Rebecca today from Collins, and she said they have temporarily shut down sales on the web, due to being backlogged. She also told me her brother was thinking about not doing SAXET in San Antonio this month because they are so backed up. She told me she would call me and let me know. I hope they do show up, cuz playing Wally World Roulette for 40cal is getting old.
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