Considering Buying a Walther PPS for CC--Opinions?

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  • Cityboy

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    Jan 20, 2021
    Fredericksburg, TX
    I'm considering buying a Walther PPS for concealed carry. If any of y'all have experience with this gun, I'd appreciate your input/opinions. Just so you know why I'm considering this particular weapon, I can't carry anything much bigger than a single-stack auto or a J-frame sized revolver because my hands are pretty small. I had a Hellcat and although it felt good in my hand, I sometimes had the problem that others have mentioned about getting my finger on the side of the trigger and not being able to pull it until I had completed removed my finger then moved it over on "top" of the safety lever. Also, even with my short thumbs, I rode the slide lock lever a couple of times and the slide didn't lock back after the last round. Maybe I could have cured these problems with enough training, but in an emergency situation I don't need potential problems. I've fired 50 rounds or so from a Sig 365, and the trigger was better than on the Hellcat, but it just didn't feel "right" in my hand and I didn't shoot it as accurately as the Hellcat.

    Thanks in advance,



    Gentleman Farmer! (Retired!)
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    Dec 15, 2019
    Lost in East Texas
    I don't have any direct experience with the PPS, but I have owned a few of the P99 series which it is based from. The P99 series of pistols are great and I wouldn't hesitate in buying another one because of that. They also have as great trigger as well. Very well made and quite accurate.

    If the PPS is half the pistol the P99 series are, I'd definitely give it consideration.

    The most important factor is, how well the pistol fits in your hand and how easy are the controls to operate. For a carry pistol, this needs to be almost second nature and as if the pistol was made for your hand. This leads to being a better shooter with practice with that pistol.It leads to better muscle memory in the unlikely event that you need to use the pistol, your sub-conscious takes over and it just becomes an automatic reaction on your part.
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