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Criterion Tactical: Tactical Pistol/Carbine, Oct 26th in Dripping Springs, Tx

Discussion in 'Training & Competition' started by CriterionTactical, Oct 8, 2013.

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    Oct 12, 2012
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    Criterion Tactical: Tactical Pistol/Carbine, Oct 26th in Dripping Springs, Tx
    [HR][/HR]Join Criterion Tactical in Dripping Springs, Texas for a 1 day Tactical Applications Overview of Pistol & Carbine fundamentals. We start with a "gut check" to see your level of confidence...then work the fundamentals to ensure you know "whats right"...

    1-Day Tactical Pistol & Carbine Class - Oct 26th, 2013 - Dripping Springs, Texas 0900 to 5 pm

    Topics covered include weapons safety, stance, pistol and carbine setup, zeroing for carbine iron sights and optics, pistol/carbine sight alignment and trigger control. Required fundamentals such as reloads, presentation, shooting positions, malfunction drills and shooting on the move as well as transitions.

    Instructor: Mr. Kelly Venden (US Army/FED LE)

    Class dates: Oct 26, 2013

    Cost: $250

    - Eye protection
    - Electronic hearing protection preferred
    - Serviceable handgun
    - Ammunition required: 300 rifle, 300 pistol
    - Minimum Three Carbine mags
    - Minimum Three Handgun mags
    - Carbine Mag pouch/vest
    - Handgun mag pouch
    - Tactical Carbine Sling preferred
    - Suitable handgun holster

    ***There are no pre-requisites for this course. It can be your very first will leave knowing how to "fix yourself" regardless of experience.

    please send an e-mail to sign-up:

    Additional questions please feel free to contact me;

    | Criterion Tactical

    Or call 813-992-2225

    Criterion Tactical- "Accurately Assessing Mastery..."

    "You can have a life plan or a fight plan, but when the action starts, you're down to your reflexes -- your training. If you've cheated on your training in the dark of the morning, you'll be found out under the bright lights."

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