CTD has me wondering

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  • benenglish

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    Nov 22, 2011
    Cheaper Than Dirt has sent out another of their email specials. Before trashing it, I noticed that the subject line was different. The headline on the flyer was prominent. Both said:

    Feds Want to Stop the Importation of Firearms

    However, there's no text on the flyer explaining this. I went to their web site, reviewed the blog, looked over the collection of articles and I can find nothing on this subject.

    Does anybody know what CTD is talking about?


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    Dec 23, 2012
    CTD sucks!

    Cheaper Than Dirt Rating | Second Amendment Check


    Ammo Price Gouging - Boycott CheaperThanDirt.com



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    Sep 5, 2013
    It takes a pair of brass balls that need a wheelbarrow to call yourselves "Cheaper Than Dirt" and then charge $99 for a P-Mag. Even better when it said "Our everyday low price!" next to the dollar amount. Sleazy.

    You can cry "capitalism!" all you want, but that doesn't cover up the fact they gave their customers a giant middle finger and decided their core customer base should be the panic-buyers. A demographic that wasn't going to last. Now that they've successfully given the message of "screw you regular gun owners and 2nd Amendment supporters" they've realized that maybe that wasn't a solid long term business plan. Their attempt to buy their way back into 2A supporters hearts must have fallen back if they are trying to stir up crap again.

    That said, even pre-panic I NEVER liked CTD. Their prices were uncompetitive and their screwball warehouse system meant you could easily double or triple your shipping costs if you weren't careful. It's as though their entire web business was designed to squeeze the maximum dollars out of a wallet. There is nothing "Cheap" about them. Never has been. There are much better stores out there. You want capitalism? Here you go. Treat me like I can't use the Internet, charge well above market prices, watch me never take my business to you. Good job. Solid business plan.


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    Oct 4, 2013
    Gunz are icky.
    They pulled that mega expensive shipping on me too.
    That was even way before pre-panic. It was something outrageous like $29 for two 20rd boxes of ammo.
    F them. Never again.
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