D&H AR15 300 Blackout 30rd Mag (BLACK TEFLON) $18.99

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Aug 5, 2009
D&H AR15 300 Blackout 30rd Mag (BLACK TEFLON) [D2R7-AL21] Price: $18.99

These mags are the same great quality that is expected from D&H, But they have went a step further and optimized their design for 300 AAC. These magazines have the internal rib positioned to improve function with a wider variety of projectiles in 300 AAC Blackout and with other .30 caliber AR rounds. Because these magazines are based off 5.56 parent magazines they will still feed and function in 5.56 rifles as well.

RELIABLE QUALITY Magazine end users are very likely to be engaged in life or death situations when using our product. Not a lot of manufacturers can claim that. When you are literally under fire, that's not the time to doubt the quality of your weapon's magazine. We understand the process required for turning draw-quality aluminum, resistance welded seams, 17-7 PH springs and high quality followers into reliable magazines that you can stake your life on.

ISO 9000 QUALITY CERTIFICATION As an ISO 9000 certified company, we take pride in the robustness of our Quality Systems. Each and every firearm component is individually inspected to insure proper feed lip dimensions and spring compression. D&H follows stringent US Military specifications and performs a destructive test on a percentage of every magazine production lot to ensure our magazines will not fail during their use.

WEAPON SYSTEMS LIVE TEST FIRING Our final testing occurs during our ultimate qualifying step, which is the live test fires that we perform both in house and in concert with US and Allied Government representatives.


*** TO ORDER, give us a call at 1 866 523 2673 Mon-Fri 9-5:30p.m. EST or check out the website and/or ORDER BY CLICKING HERE: Cope's Distributing
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