Daisy 600 (Aimstar 1500)

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Mar 18, 2008

Daisy 600 (Aimstar 1500)

By Duncan Long


This large-caliber rifle was originally designed the Research Armament Industries of Jacksonville, Arkansas. The gun was manufactured and distributed by Iver Johnson's Arms (best known for their M1 Carbines); it was marketed as the company's "Browning Model 1500 Special Application" (the "Browning" coming from the fact that it fired the .50-caliber Browning Machine Gun cartridge).
When Iver Johnson's Arms went bankrupt and then reorganized, the rights to the rifle were apparently sold to Daisy in 1980s (and, yes, it is the company that sells the Daisy Air Rifles). At this point the rifle was renamed the Model 600, apparently in part because the gun was now offered in 14.5mm and 12.7x108mm chamberings as well as the .50 BMG.
The rifle is single shot and uses a bolt action to load and lock cartridges in place. The fluted barrel is free-floated without any handguard with the skeletal receiver supported by an integral bipod. A large muzzle brake (called an accumulator in company literature) helps tame recoil as does a thick recoil pad. The length of pull as well as the height of the cheek pad is adjustable. A pistol grip is used with the stock.
The standard scope sold with the rifle has a ranging system which, in theory at least, adjusts for bullet drop in one-hundred-meter increments from 300 to 1,500 meters regardless of the scope that is attached to the rifle, giving the shooter the option of using whatever scope he chooses and still having it capable of being compensated for known ranges.



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May 29, 2017
Austin, TX
14.5mm ... good lord, lol.


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Mar 4, 2008
In the 90s I had a single shot 22 that was made by daisy.The one listed looks like a cool sniper rifle.
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