Damascus barrels


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Sep 15, 2008
I've been looking at shotguns on the internet and the older ones sometimes say "Damascus" barrels followed by some verbage about not shooting them.

When I research Damascus steel it is a very hard steel used for top-quality knives.

What's the deal about not shooting older guns with Damascus barrels?


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Aug 7, 2008
San Antonio
Damascus, or "twist" barrels are a combination of iron and steel, welded into a contiguous mass around a mandrel, forming a barrel. Not recommended for use with modern smokleless shotshells. Some shoot them anyway, using light loads. If you want to trust that unknown barrel maker's skill, trust that all the welds are still good, and no corrosion has set in over the last 90 years or so, it's the shooter's fingers and face, and his decision to make.

I love old guns, but I wouldn't do it.
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