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    Oct 13, 2008
    Houston Metro

    How often have you seen something like this on a discussion board you participate in?

    filthy spammer said:
    Company Details - PIRATES OF YOUR WALLET
    Incorporation Date: 19-01-2000
    Registered No.XXXXXX

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    Nokia N93i@210usd

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    Well, the above is the sign of an internet forum spammer.

    These groups use robots to sign up for forum membership and as soon as they gain access, they throw these ads up on whatever forums they get to first. These robots have gotten smart, and can fill out a CAPTCHA better than some humans can.

    How Do I Know It's Spam?
    "New User" "New Member" and a post count under 5 are good indicators. Remember, these degenerates blast as many posts onto the forum as they can at one time. Off topic posts (in the example below, a sales post outside of the classifieds subforum) are also an indicator. If in doubt, report it anyway, and let a moderator make the decision.

    What Can I Do?

    Well, since they're bots, responding to them is a waste of your time and everyone else's.

    Every response you make just brings more eyes to the spam thread - which is what the filthy spammers are after.

    The best way to deal with them is to report them. After you report them, post a simple response of "Reported" or "Reported as spam" and anyone else looking will know the offensive post will soon be gone.

    Every forum has a method of reporting posts. Somewhere around the top or bottom of the spam post will be a
    or a
    button. When you click it, you'll come to a simple PM screen. Just put "SPAM" in the field and send it on. This feature is tied in to the emails of moderators, who will come and flush the thread from the forum.

    Reporting mechanism on a VBulletin forum:

    Reporting mechanism on a phpbb forum:

    Remember: This works on almost every discussion board out there, and the quicker you report them, the quicker the filthy spam will be gone.

    Have a nice day.
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