(Del Rio) WTS/T AR-15 stuff, .40 S&W Compensator

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    Feb 28, 2013
    Lake Amistad
    I'm in the middle of an AR Build and need some funds so I need to get rid of a few things. Most everything is NEW, except for the .40 S&W Compensator and H&K Mag.

    PayPal works, or MO, whatever is easiest...

    Here we go, All prices are with shipping:

    1) $40 - NEW AR-15 Carbine Length Quad Rail. I installed this on my brand new Colt 6920, but have decided to go a different color.

    2) $35 - NEW 2 Defense Solutions Group 30rd Mags these are the lightweight Teflon with Magpul Anti Tilt Followers. Also comes with 2 Magazine Couplers.

    3) $40 - USED 1 H&K 30 rd Magazine

    4) $20 - NEW ProMag Tactical pistol grip for AR-15 with finger grooves.

    5) $50 - USED LoneWolf .40 S&W Compensator. I had this on my JRC .40 Carbine. 200 rounds through it. Here's a link:

    6) $5 each - Texas Flag (Come and Take It/Don't Tread on Me) These are Stickers and not Decals, but I put one on my truck's back glass couple weeks ago and it seems to be holding up. I have 3, but am only selling 2

    Things I'm looking for in possible Trades:
    - FDE Magpul Angled ForeGrip Gen2
    - FDE Magpul pistol grip
    - FDE Maglup Butt stock
    - 2 FDE Magpul 30rd Mags
    - 2 Black 20rd Mags

    Standby for pics via TapaTalk
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