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    May 29, 2017
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    Got this from my local group:

    Tuesday, August 13, 2009 Bryan Preston (512) 879-4062

    The Democrats’ Summer of Tricks and Misinformation

    AUSTIN— Terrified by legitimate, unplanned and
    uncoordinated grassroots rage at their attempted takeover of the
    nation’s health care system, President Obama and the
    Democrats are on the defensive and have resorted to extreme and
    desperate measures. They are running away from voters, calling
    them “mobs,” and deploying dishonest maneuvers
    designed to fool Americans and distract attention from their
    power grab.

    We’ll begin in the state capital. In Austin, our own
    camera caught a pair of Organizing for America staffers at a
    health care event on Saturday. They were at the event at the
    direct request of the White House’s Organizing for America
    website, a site that is coordinating the Democrats’ health
    care campaign nationwide. In the wake of House Speaker Nancy
    Pelosi’s accusation that the Republicans are coordinating
    grassroots opposition to ObamaCare, the fact that the White
    House has been caught sending its own workers out to local
    events gives the game away: The Democrats are projecting their
    own underhanded tactics onto the Republicans.

    Next up, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee. During her Houston townhall
    meeting Tuesday, a meeting she tried to hide from the media and
    her own constituents, Rep. Lee took a cell phone call while a
    real voter tried to ask a question about health care. And as if
    to top that, Lee answered a softball question from a woman
    claiming to be a doctor. The woman, Roxana Mayer, is NOT a
    doctor, does not live in Lee’s district, but is a
    long-time Obama supporter, a conirmed Organizing for America
    activist, and may have been brought to the event by local
    Democrat operatives. Astroturfing, anyone?

    Also in Houston, Democrat Rep. Gene Green is requiring photo ID
    to enter his townhall events. There is nothing inherently wrong
    with that, but Green and his party OPPOSE requiring photo ID to
    cast a vote in Texas elections. Green himself has voted against
    requiring photo ID to vote. But he requires photo ID to enter
    his meetings. Hypocrisy, anyone?

    In Bryan, a videographer recently caught Democrat Rep. Chet
    Edwards walking briskly away from voters in his district. All
    they wanted was to meet with him to discuss health care. Rep.
    Edwards refuses to meet his voters face-to-face to discuss this
    vital issue and whether he will vote for or against ObamaCare.
    His constituents deserve to know where he stands, but he
    won’t talk with them.

    But the worst tactic seen so far might be what MoveOn tried to
    pull this week. The leftwing Democrat front group blasted out an
    email to its supporters, goading them to show up at an Austin
    event that allegedly featured Texas Senators Kay Bailey
    Hutchison and John Cornyn. Both are Republicans. But a quick
    fact check revealed that neither senator had ever been scheduled
    to show up at the event, which didn’t actually exist.
    MoveOn was evidently trying to set the senators up for a
    now-show, which the front group would then use to distract from
    the Democrats’ own tricky townhall behavior. It
    didn’t work. We caught them and called them out. But we
    wonder, did the Democrats nationally or here in Texas put MoveOn
    up to this? Other Democrat front groups have been advertising on
    the web site to hire paid pro-ObamaCare
    activists, hinting again at broader astroturfing and dirty trick

    “The Democrats are running scared,” said
    Republican Party of Texas Chairman Tina Benkiser.
    “They’re trying to foist a terrible health care
    takeover on the people of Texas, and we’re not buying.
    They’re resorting to dirty tricks which are not fooling
    anyone. They’re calling Americans ‘mobs’
    and even ‘un-American’ for using their
    constitutional right to free speech. The Democrats need to stop
    the games and scrap ObamaCare immediately. Their plan is bad for
    Texas and bad for America. Republicans favor real health care
    reform, not a government takeover, and the American people are
    with us on this.”

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  2. idleprocess

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    Feb 29, 2008
    It seems like every interest group is spending money lobbying on this bill - be it on K Street, the airwaves, geurilla blogging, or by organizing/bussing/placing people at these town halls.

    Almost seems like astroturf vs astroturf.

    I'm not saying that there are no ordinary people with real insight, feelings, and opinion on the issue - just that neither of the big disconnected factions is totally innocent.
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    May 29, 2017
    Austin, TX
    Wouldn't be politics without the bull getting piled high on both ends.

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