DeSantis' new Gadsden flag Florida license plate: NPR smear

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    Dec 31, 2017

    Can i still have the flag even if I'm not "a white national socialist terrorists"?
    Went to snap a pic of the document and I stand corrected. The Bureau of Inquistion appears to be "inclusive" in their definition:

    [WASHINGTON, D.C. – Aug. 2, 2022] Project Veritas released a newly leaked document today provided by an FBI whistleblower, which shows how the Bureau classifies American citizens it deems to be potential “Militia Violent Extremists” [MVEs].


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    Apr 20, 2020
    "Revolutionary war imagery: An example of a militiaman during the Revolutionary war"

    Oh, you mean like this, you federal dumbasses?

    View attachment 338483

    Look, guys, I found a violent extremist militia!!!

    Time for the Fumbling Bumbling Idiots to go raid every ANG base, arrest all personnel on suspicion of terrorism, seize all the weapons and documents... then they can in turn arrest themselves because at this point, even the stars & stripes is a domestic terrorist symbol, and there's one in every feeb office or building.
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