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[DFW West] Time For Us North Texas To Meet For Lunch

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  • A.Texas.Yankee

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    Mar 21, 2012
    Hey Peeps,

    It seems like we haven't had a lunch meet up since the last one months ago at the Shack. I might be wrong because I haven't had the time to live on the forums like I once did... responsibility... Any who, I know it's the holidays and all so I figure we can start a discussion about possibly meeting up for a good bite to eat for December and then really start getting into a habit of the once a month thing. I mean, it's a lunch once a month. I am going to suggest the Burger and Philly Shack once again because we know it's helluva 2A friendly, and has some great food (if you like a good burger or philly that is). I also wanted to get a group before the Christmas holiday so we could pool together for a donation to a charity. I have been doing Bugles Across America for my veterans based charity, but suggestions are open. I figure it would be good to meet with people and also support a good cause (while enjoying a heart attack on a bun).

    Any one down for a meet some time next month? Let me know. We could always make it a January meet as well if the holidays just prove to be too busy for everyone.

    - Yankee


    Scheduled for Saturday, December 14th @ 1330 CST (that's 1:30 PM to us civilians).
    Meet up is at the:

    Burger & Philly Shack
    6016 Denton HWY (that's also 377)
    Watauga, TX 76148
    (817) 605-7900
    Google Maps

    It's a very casual, small place with great burgers and Philly Cheese Steak. I'd say ~$10 (they have burgers for about $6 to start I think) should be fine in case you're wondering, unless you go with the Shack Attack which'll run you closer to $15 with enough food for two men.
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    Mar 21, 2012
    Cool that's enough interest. So what weekend do we think will work? The 14th possibly?

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    Mar 28, 2008
    I enjoyed the meet up last time. It was freeeezing cold that day lol I won't make it this time around but I wish I could. For a rag tag bunch yall are alright ;)


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    Mar 8, 2012
    Oops. 14th is an early christmas with an rv n motorcycle group. ( ya'll come )

    Havent fully committed yet but if you try to work around every ones dates, it will never happen so (conceal) carry on and if I can make it I surely will.

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