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Do you shoot with one or both eyes open?

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  • bbslider001

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    Mar 8, 2020
    Fort Worth, Texas
    This has been somewhat of a debate on other social media. I thought it might be good discussion here. I started out last year on this journey using my dominant eye and had to learn to break the habit after months of doing so. It helped me tremendously. Now I shoot with both eyes open, but some have told me this is incorrect and there is no way to have solid target acquisition when doing this because of the "double sight" factor. To me, it helped me be much more consistent as well as keeping a good peripheral in combatives training.
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    Retiretgtshit stirrer
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    Dec 15, 2019
    Lost in East Texas
    IMO, it depends on the type of shooting I'm doing. Plinking, or informal target shooting, I use dominant eye open.

    For self defense type practice, both eyes open. I Know in such situations, conditions are not going to be optimum, and being able to use a dominant eye technique is not going to present itself. A lot is going to happen fast, and I will have to rely upon practice and instinct.


    Active Member
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    Jan 2, 2021
    Edom, TX
    You didn't mention whether you are talking about rifles, shotguns, or pistols. The situation dictates 100 % of the time. Stationary target, fast running deer, fast draw practice, doves flying, snake swimming, home invasion, etc., etc. All require target acquisition, but in different ways.


    New Member
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    Feb 20, 2018
    Holly Lake Ranch, TX
    Well, the way eye see it, we have several options. Both eyes open, works for many as long you're right eyed and right handed, otherwise there are issues. Red dots can solve a lot of those issues. If you are right handed but left eyed, blocking some of that left eye off helps, especially with hand guns and shotguns. Both eyes closed is a no go...
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