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Driving from Texas to New Jersey next week. What do I do with my gun?

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  • baboon

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    May 6, 2008
    Out here by the lake!
    Invest in a personal body can if you absolutely have to drive in New Jerksy.

    I know guy on another forum who is from New Jerksy. He recently moved to West Virginia for various reason. On a trip back to New Jerksy to tie up loose ends of selling his property & arranging for his machine shop equipment getting relocated. He bought a new Toyota truck in WV. He said cops pulled him over & started the shake down until he spoke with that New Jerksy accent.


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    Jun 20, 2018
    I'm not an attorney and am offering no legal advice. I'm only stating my personal opinion. Leave you gun and any ammo you might have in your car at home. Having visited NJ within the last 10 years I know of no legal way to have New Jersey as a final destination and not run afoul of their laws. Federal protections for transporting firearms through states are just that, through the state without stopping. Without a NJ FOID type card you can not process ammo within the state. Hollow points equal immediate arrest and significant jail time. Even without a firearm in the vehicle. My brother-in-law lived in South Jersey and when I'd visit we'd go shooting black powder firearms at a private range. The firearms were always "his" if we were stopped just in case. I would bring one myself and the "fixin's" when I'd come to visit. Although I had a C&R license at the time, I couldn't bring my WW2 M-1 carbine to shoot at the private range as NJ considered it an "Assault Rifle" and wouldn't honor C&R Licenses for possession of assault rifles.

    Regardless of what I or anyone else says, leave the firearm and ammunition in Texas. It's your behind in the prison waiting on trial for charges that will stick in one of the worst states in the Union on 2nd Amendment issues.



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    Jan 22, 2020
    Unfortunately this is a road trip I can't avoid...:(

    Should I just leave my gun back home in Texas?
    Just leave it at home. Too many crazy ass gun laws that they LOVE to throw "foreigners" like you in JAIL for. Not worth the risk. Carry a knife - but you even have to be careful about THAT, and a "less than lethal" alternative - which you ALSO have to be careful about in that Communist state..... Good luck to ya....


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    Mar 7, 2023
    Watch your ammo also when in NJ. If I am not mistaken they restrict some ammo types (HP's?).

    They have draconian laws regarding handguns and hollow point bullets. They do not have any reciprocity agreements.

    If a person is caught with a pistol, they are going to prison if convicted and will spend a lot of money on attorneys fees.

    When I moved back from the Northeast, I took a route that avoided NJ completely. All my handguns were hidden and locked in my u-haul as I passed through NY and MD.


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    Feb 28, 2021
    Central Pennsylvania
    What I would do is call Mark AKA @msharley and have him pick me up at the NJ state line and chauffeur me everywhere I need to go.
    Bring gun. Lots of ammo.

    Budget a week for shooting steel & pins. Running the smoker....pulled pork is good, this time of year.

    Leave guns & ammo here.

    If you like fishing? Get out of state "day/week tag"....Musky in Keystone Lake (3 miles South) Heaven knows what at the base of Mahonning Dam? (8 miles North)

    Your car will be much lighter on way home....or Heavier? (am a commercial bullet need a couple thousand bullets? Have them on hand) LOL

    DO NOT! DO NOT! Take guns/ammo to NJ! (cost you $30,000 to get out of it)


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    Apr 28, 2021
    I’d leave it at home. Yes, sucks since most other states would be fine but the $ and time involved to fight a charge could cost dearly, even if the ruling is innocent.


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    Feb 13, 2015
    Rural Wise County, TX.
    My experience says they're Aholes about everything.
    I used to go to MAHWAH NJ (North America headquarters) for Jaguar Training a few decades ago when I worked at the Jaguar dealer in Fort Worth.

    Even talking to the checkout girl in line at the food store would get you strange looks like "WHY IS THIS GUY TALKING TO ME?" (must be a pervert or up to no good)

    They are not friendly people in the North East.


    Bowling-Pin Commando
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    May 28, 2008
    Mustang Ridge
    New Jersey ( and most of the Northeast states) do not give a flying fück about FOPA and will arrest an out of stater even if they are following all the rules. New Jersey is notorious for prosecuting PA residents that miss their exits on the turnpike and have to turn around in NJ.

    Either leave it at home, or have a friend/relative on the right side of the border you can drop it off with.


    Mostly Peaceful
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    Jul 23, 2019
    Silsbee, Texas
    All of you that are telling @bbrwbmw to leave his gun at home, would you want to drive from Texas to the NJ border and back home unarmed? My solution in Post #6 is the answer. Have the gun with you all of the way, store it at the border in a safe deposit box and pick it up on your way back.

    We did this exact same thing when we went over into Canada for a few days several years ago.


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    Feb 14, 2022
    New Braunfels
    More than likely the route @bbrwbmw takes to New Jersey will go through VA.

    It's a two day drive to Northern Virginia (I lived in NoVA for 20+ years and have done the drive between SA and there numerous times). My advice is to not risk going any further than that while armed. Once you enter MD, DC you are in very unfriendly territory. You could add time (several hours) and go from VA through to WV and then into PA, but that's still the end of the safe road.

    If @bbrwbmw wants to leave a firearm(s) in VA, I have friends there that are VCDL staff. They can help find a bank, etc to store his belongings.


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    Aug 27, 2009
    San Antonio!
    Don't worry about it, you can buy a cheap gun and ammo on any street corner in New Jersey. They don't as questions or to look at an ID, and there's no bill of sale as the gun doesn't have a serial number on it anymore in the first place!

    Of course, it's strictly cash and carry!! :loaded::loaded::loaded:
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