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  • Just Geri

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    Aug 5, 2009
    Duck Commander Mallard Drake Reedless Duck Call [D1L6-AY34] Price: $18.28
    Mix some male sound in your calling out in the blind with the Duck Commander Mallard Drake Reedless Duck Call. Part of Duck Commander's Specialty Series, the Drake Reedless is an easy-to-master, no-reed call that produces the elusive Mallard Drake sound to virtually guarantee a successful hunt.
    ?Delivers elusive Mallard Drake sound
    ?Easy to master
    ?Reedless design
    ?Allows you to mix some male sound in with your hen calls

    Duck Commander Teal Hen Duck Call [D2R7-AW32] Price: $18.28
    Produce dead-on bluewinged, greenwinged, or cinnamon teal hen calls with the Duck Commander® Teal Duck Call. Made for fast calling, this quality Teal Hen duck call is great for hunting after the sun is up in the sky.
    ?Produces exact sound of a bluewinged, greenwinged, or cinnamon teal hen
    ?Made to be blown fast for quick calls
    ?Great daylight call

    Duck Commander Wood Duck Call [D1L7-BA36] Price: $18.99
    You can call wood ducks,...with the Duck Commander® Wood Duck Call! This high-impact plastic call allows you to deliver the exact squeal of a wood duck in both sitting and flying positions. Simple and easy to use, you can bring wood ducks to you in the air or on the water with this quality call.
    ?Produces the exact squeal of a wood duck in both sitting and flying positions
    ?Simple and easy to use
    ?Brings wood ducks to you in the air and on the water

    Duck Commander Uncle Si Duck Call [D1L6-BA36] Price: $21.99
    Great for beginners, the Uncle Si Duck Call from Duck Commander features a single reed design that's easy to blow. Durable polycarbonate call cranks out a good raspy sound that rings for a seasoned caller as well.
    ?Easy to blow, single reed call
    ?Good raspy sound
    ?Great call choice for a beginner
    ?Durable polycarbonate construction

    Duck Commander Duck Picker Call [D1L6-AZ35] Price: $28.04
    A must have for your lanyard, the Duck Commander® Duck Picker Call is a call you can always count on. The Duck Picker works great in all conditions, regardless of range or terrain. The result of 30 years of call making to perfect that exact ducky sound anytime and anywhere, the Duck Picker blows wet, dry and in-between, long range, medium range, and short range in any terrain. The Duckman's choice for reaching up and picking 'em out of the sky!
    ?Great all purpose call
    ?Works great in all conditions - wet, dry, or in between
    ?Works well at all ranges of call
    ?Works in any terrain

    Duck Commander Miss Priss Duck Call [D2R7-AX33] Price: $30.48
    An easy-to-blow call with Phil's patented double reed system, the Miss Priss Duck Call from Duck Commander is built for the hardcore hunter. Durable polycorbate construction stands up to the elements for trustworthy use in any weather
    ?Easy to blow call for hardcore hunters
    ?Phil's patented double reed system
    ?Durable polycarbonate construction

    Duck Commander Triple Threat Duck Call [D1L7-AZ35] Price: $34.99
    Patented 3-reed design is "pure duck" with a little extra kick—it easily replicates the quack, feed call, and hail call of a mallard hen.
    ?Patented 3-reed design
    ?Replicates the quack, feed call, and hail call of a mallard hen
    ?Easy to clean, tune, and operate system

    *** TO ORDER, give us a call at 1 866 523 2673 Mon-Fri 9-5:30p.m. EST or check out the website and/or ORDER BY CLICKING HERE: Cope's Distributing

    Das Jared

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    Jul 20, 2012
    Remember folks, it has to have the DUCK COMMANDER name on it to go to the Robertsons'. If it says DUCK DYNASTY, it goes to A&E. Thanks Geri!

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