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  • BeatTheTunaUp

    Fux with the best, Die like the rest
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    Oct 17, 2012
    Temple TX
    Damn..... Saw them a few times because I knew this day would come and they're legends.

    Anyone know the funny story about a Waco blues club in the early 70's?


    Just Another Boomer
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    Nov 22, 2011
    Repost from the post whore thread:

    I remember shooting with them at that old, broken down range that used to be on Boss Gaston Road off HWY 6, just north of 90. They liked my .44 Magnums and my .308 pistols so I was happy to let them fire away.

    Dusty Hill was banging the daughter of the range owner so they were out there all the time. Well, until Dusty was about to get it on with her in the owner's trailer on the property. She pulled off his boot and a derringer fell out, landed on the hammer, and shot him in the stomach.

    I didn't see them out there all that much after that.

    AFAIK, that entire area has been completely wiped clean and is nothing but cloned suburbia these days. The range is gone and forgotten but the legend of Dusty Hill will live forever.
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