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DVD Review: Magpul Dynamics - The Art of the Dynamic Handgun

Discussion in 'Gun and Product Reviews' started by SIG_Fiend, Mar 28, 2010.

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    Feb 21, 2008
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    Well, I've had the DVD a few weeks now, I've watched it something like 7 or 8 times and I felt compelled to write a review on it. To be short and to the point, The Art of the Dynamic Handgun (hereafter referred to as AOTDH) is the most complete, professional, state of the art defensive handgun training video available and has the highest level of production quality. I don't say that lightly. I have owned and watched tons of training videos, including those from Kelly Mcann (aka Jim Grover), Clint Smith's Thunder Ranch videos, Gunsite, Tactical Response, Gabe Suarez, and many others. Some of the others were good and had plenty of great info, some of them left a lot to be desired. By far, AOTDH is the most complete video, so if you can buy only one, AOTDH is THE one to buy. AOTD contains over 7 HOURS of video on 4 DVD's, so be prepared to sit for a long time or spread it over a few days.

    BUY The Art of the Dynamic Handgun, 4-Disc DVD Set

    DVD 1
    The first disc focuses on the fundamentals of marksmanship and basic weapons manipulations, and also deals with several different shooting positions. This disc is the building block. You have to have a competent understanding of the fundamentals to really improve. On this disc, they will also show you some drills you can use as a measurement of your current skill level, and you can also use it as a measurement tool to gauge the progress of those skills as you move up the ladder of excellence. To truly excel at these things, you have to have some form of measurement to stack everything up against, otherwise you will never know how much you are improving, or if you are taking any steps backwards.

    DVD 2
    The next disc covers shooting on the move and in a more dynamic environment. Also there is a short gear section covering individual selection of a gun as well as setting it up, and things to consider when setting one up. Lastly there is a 11 minute section on the combat mindset by Travis Haley. It is short, but in it he details a real life situation he was involved in and uses that to try and help everyone learn. Considering the high cost of such real life lessons, it is an invaluable tool to learn from. In my opinion, if a person wants to excel at defensive skills, it truly requires a complete change of mindset. One recurring theme with Magpul Dynamics is, they do not just address the physical mechanics of achieving an end goal, they also deal with the mental and physiological aspects as well.

    DVD 3
    The third disc is the concealed carry section. This section deals with carry and concealment of a firearm, drawing and employing a gun from concealment, incorporating dynamic movement, and also single-handed operation and manipulation of the firearm. They also deal with various concealment methods of course. In addition, there is also a short gear section that deals with choosing a concealment firearm.

    DVD 4
    The last disc contains quick references for all the drills performed in all the discs. This is a handy training tool, and only makes sense. Instead of having to browse back through the vids to find a drill again, just pop the 4th disc in and find the exact drill you were looking for. In addition, there are several short gear sections that deal with suppressors, selection of defensive ammo, use of carry/gun belts, choosing a holster as well as different types for different carry methods, and lastly choosing a handgun light or laser. The last thing on this disc is an outtakes section. As always, Chris Costa and Travis Haley have a comical side and can be real characters. The outtakes are always good for a laugh on all their videos. ;)

    So to sum it all up, with AOTDH, you get the complete package. You get the physical mechanics, performance measurement tools, mindset, and a good set of building blocks to start working with. Training videos do not replace hands on instruction with a competent instructor, however they are a great way to hone those skills when you don't have the ability to train with an instructor, and they are a great tool to continually reference to keep yourself in that mindset and continually improving on your own time. Even if you are new to all of this, do yourself a favor and start with this video set as it will give you a significant jump start on future training. Plus it will turn you into steely-eyed door kickers like these two ;) :


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