Ed Brown 1911

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Feb 27, 2011
dee eff dub
everybody should own one

sweet pistol



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Jan 25, 2013
Very nice gun. He does a excellent job of fitting and finishing, inside and out. He also does an aggressive de-horning that makes the gun look perfect on the outside. I have shot several Ed Browns and I really like his grip safety,they sit low in my hand. A lot lower than my Les Baer’s do.

I contemplated buying an Executive target for a while but decided on a full custom build instead. Alchemy customs has agreed to build my fist full custom 1911. The gun is based on a bare Caspian frame/slide, Ed Brown Grip safety, Ambi safety, 2 peace mainspring housing/wag well, extended mag release and small parts. Cylinder and slide trigger group, and of course a Kart barrel. The Extractor, ejector and barrel bushing are EGW. I have everything except the frame and slide,Caspian has had my order for 8 weeks already. Not 100% sure about the finishyet, either a full Black Bear Coating or possible a Hard Chromed lower and Bearcoat upper.

Had I not had the opportunity to have a trusted gun smith build my gun for me from scratch, I would have purchased an Ed Brown for sure.
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