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Editing (deleting) cities in iPhone weather app

Discussion in 'Electronics & Video Games' started by AcidFlashGordon, Oct 29, 2013.

  1. AcidFlashGordon

    AcidFlashGordon TGT Addict

    I had tried all kinds of things to get rid of the Cupertino and New Dork City listings on the iPhone weather app. I don't care WHAT the weather is in the Peoples' Socialist Яepublik of Kalifornia (Cupertino) OR in New Dork City. As far as I'm concerned BOTH cities can be blown away and destroyed completely and I wouldn't give 2 shits in the wind about it.

    To do it, you call up the overall cities list, where they're all on one list, and then at each city listing you swipe the phone screen from RIGHT to Left. Brings up the Edit function and you can delete the city.

    Being an FNG to cell phones in general (never owned one until a year and a half ago) and a COMPLETE FNG to Apple products, this is something I'm glad I discovered.

  2. 35Remington

    35Remington TGT Addict

    Dec 9, 2011
    Way out here
    That's so exciting! Just wait til you figure out that the little buttons on the side make things louder OR quieter. Your mind will be blown.

    Just kidding. Couldn't help myself. Glad you discovered that. If you ever have any iPhone questions, PM me. It's what I do.

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