Enemies Foreign And Domestic (book talk)


Dec 6, 2011
Northwest San Antonio
just found this book on amazon, its free to rent if you are a kindle users who is also a prime member.

Enemies Foreign And Domestic is a domestic terrorism thriller set in the near future. The novel begins on opening day of the NFL season, when bullets begin to rain down upon the upper deck of a packed football stadium. A panic stampede ensues, leading to mass casualties. The alleged sniper is found holding a smoking assault rifle, and is killed by a police marksman.
One week later, congress bans the private possession of all semi-automatic assault rifles. Gun owners are given one week to turn in their semi-automatic rifles, or face a five year mandatory sentence.
The plot revolves around the true identity of the actual sniper. The alleged sniper killed at the scene may be a patsy, and many Americans refuse to turn in their banned weapons, leading to a civil crisis in the nation.
Amazon.com: Enemies Foreign And Domestic (The Enemies Trilogy) eBook: Matthew Bracken: Kindle Store

im gonna try and read it soon.
I've read that series in paperback. Quite good, actually. I rank it right up there with the Lee Boyland trilogy:

The Rings of Allah
Behold, an Ashen Horse
America Reborn
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