EOTech Sight on my Bushmaster


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Mar 13, 2008
South Central Texas
Well I have been looking for a while and I have shot several AR's with different scopes on them. After doing so I went to the forums....all of them to read the comments and recommendations both pro & con. I finally made my decision. My local gun dealer had a model 512.A65 in black and I walked out with it for $375. Thefirst thing I will do is to change the batteries from alkaline to lithium to help negate those known problems and have a bit more life out of the batteries. Since I am not going to install a multiplier having the sights controls on the back is not an issue. Mounting it on the top rail of my Knight Armament handguard set it at the perfect height for co-witnessing. I like having the original sights in the middle of the lens. I had conteplated replacing the front iron sight with one that was either tritium or fiber optic to help my aging eyes. Splitting the red dot with the front sight eliminated those problems. I am happy so far. I also verified before buying that this was a real L3 Communications EOTech and not a fake. Here it is on my Bushy Carbine.

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